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DerRic Live NAD 05 Edmonton

DerRic Live NAD 05 Edmonton

DerRic Starlight Comedy

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DerRic Starlight Main 8x10

DerRic Starlight

DerRic is from The Tsuu Tina First Nation near Calgary Alberta.


One Christmas morning Santa brought Kermit The Frog into DerRics life.

With the advent of the Jim Henson Muppets and Sesame Street, DerRic put all his efforts into learning these voices.

From Kermit to Jim Henson himself, and all the Original Muppet Characters.


With a steady effort to learn all the voices from a wide range characters, DerRic obtained a veritable catalogue of over 200 plus voices by his Teen Years.


DerRic Starlight was already touring and performing at special events when the decision was made to obtain schooling in the Arts, Media, Theater, Film Making, Puppet Making and Comedy. DerRic studied in the US at several major schools and attended master classes with some of the finest teachers in the USA.


It was then time for DerRic to create his own cast of Puppet Characters. Some of the originals are Granny, Jingle Dress Dancer, Marty the lil Gangster Dude, Chief the Warrior, Band Councilor Willy and more .DerRic has now created over 25 Original Puppet Characters, all with their own Costumes, Voices, and Personalities.


After extensive Touring and Travels around the world with his cast of Characters, DerRic started developing stories and comedy bits for use in Television and Film.


Today DerRic is poised and ready to Write, Produce, and create Television Specials and a complete Television Series with Comedy and Family Content, Situation Comedy, and Storylines with a Positive message for all Ages and Audiences.


Now with over 350 plus voices, a cast of Puppet Characters, and a genuine knack for Comedy, DerRic is one the Top Touring Professionals in North America. He is in demand for Festivals, Conferences, Communities, Schools, Casinos and other Special Appearances Worldwide.


DerRic has also appeared on Beyond Words, Indigenous Circle, The Sharing Circle .CBC TV and Radio and many other networks.


His expertise in The Muppet Voices brought him to the attention of the Disney Group of companies that own the Muppets. They enlisted him to do the voice-overs for The Muppet of Oz Movie.


DerRic also had a dramatic role in the APTN production Dont call me Tonto.


Now 26 years old , Derric is ready set to take his place among the best in Comedy , Puppetiering ,  Television and Film  Currently in production for a TV Special Grannys' Christmas  and a Comedy series featuring his cast of Hilarious Characters . 



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