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Brian Majore


Brian Majore is not your typical 'Native' comedian.  


My comedy has been described as intelligent, racially-charged, and edgy.  I'm Native (Haida/Cree).  I tell jokes about being Native.  


My Haida name is Kil Gan K'aas, which means Funny Storyteller.  And that's what I do, I tell my story in a funny way.  


As Wab Kinew says, "People who tell stories have a role in society where they can not only deliver the truth, but they can help shape the truth."

As poet Janet Marie Rogers says, Brian "delivers the truth without apology".

Brian has performed all across Canada at conferences, comedy clubs, corporate events, and dive bars. He has appeared on TV, radio, and magazines.He has just recorded his debut live stand-up comedy CD, 'The Bloody Savage', which will be released in the Fall of 2013.



SAY magazine article

Brian Majore (Haida-Cree) is an up-and-coming Aboriginal Comedian.  In his short two-year career, he has already opened for Canada's premier Aboriginal comedian Don Burnstick. 

Since November 2004 he has shared the stage with the likes of George Leach, Marcel Gagnon, Eagle & Hawk and Dakota House. 


Prior to taking a class on Indigenous Humour at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, British Columbia, Brian never considered a career in stand-up comedy.  But he stole the show at the year-end performance for his class, which looked at humour in all facets, from storytelling and movies, to short stories, novels, and stand-up comedy.


The best part about being a comedian for Brian is the audience reaction - especially when audience members approach him after the show and tell him how much they enjoyed it.  The most common reaction has been, "That joke is so funny because it's TRUE!".


When I do a show for Native people, they laugh uproariously, but when I do the same material for a non-Native audience I don't quite get the same reaction. 


They laugh, but they also look at their neighbour as if asking, Should we be laughing at this?" says Brian.  His edgy, intelligent, thought-provoking humour has been wowing audiences across western Canada.


Brian doesn't consider his talent a gift, but rather something he has to constantly work at.  I never knew how hard this job was until I started doing it.  I mean, the great ones make it look so easy,says Brian.


Brian would like to tour Canada, maybe do a 'Rez' tour.  So watch out for this rising comedy talent at a Bingo hall near you.


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