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Winston Wuttunee

Just Ask Any of Todays Leading and Emerging Aboriginal Comedians Who Their Mentor Was ........................................


Winston Wuttunee (Eagle Tail Feather), a Cree entertainer from the eagle hills of Saskatchewan has

performed extensively in Canada, the United States, the Middle East, England, France, Germany, and

Austria for the past 25 years.


He has performed solo at many folk festivals across Canada, the North West Territories and the



Strumming his "ovation classical acoustic electrified" guitar Wuttunee has appeared on many

television and radio specials in Canada, Europe, and the United States.


He has starred in three movies for CBC. Since 1960, his performances in schools, universities,

friendship centers, conference centers, theatres and for First Nations number into the hundreds!



Wuttunee has contributed music to books with the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre (College), the

Saskatchewan Metis people, and the Cree/Ojibway Cultural Center at Timmons, Ontario.



Winston Wuttunee appears in the Canadian English Dictionary of Music as a prominent Native

performer/cultural contributor.



He has established cultural curriculums for kindergarten through post secondary levels.



Winston Wuttunee is an original, culturally motivated entertainer, comedian, songwriter, recording

artist, presenter, auctioneer, writer, actor, educator, and eemcee.


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