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PDF - Diamond Dogs 2008 Flyer

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Diamond Dog Fun



Free Press Photo Oct 1-07

Diamond Dogs Show

Diamond Disc Dogs has been performing for the public
at various placesin and around Winnipeg, MB. for
approx. 2 years.

Diamond Disc Dogs shows include,
--Frisbee freestyle routines (tricks,highjumps,and
fancy catches choreographed to music) A crowd favorite!!
--Dog Tricks
--A small agility course
--A short scootering demo (dogs pull a scooter in
--Long distance frisbee catches. (space permitting)
--Funny dog games
--Child/dog frisbee throw (after the main events
children are welcome to throw a soft frisbee for a dog
--Time after the show to meet and pet the dogs

--Our main events run approx. 30 min. 45 min.-1 hr.
with childrens frisbee throws and petting. Diamond
Disc Dogs can perform upto 2 shows per day.

Our regular performing dogs:
Extra dogs:

Dogs Profiles:
--Roy-titles: (RPT,DDX,BDD). Roy is a 9 year old male
border collie. He has been performing for the public
for approx. 3 years now. In the last frisbee dog
competition in Manitoba, he was the overall winner
for the weekend.

--Billy-titles: (RPT,DD,BDD). Billy is an 8 year old
male border collie cross. He is Roys son. He has been
performing with DDD for 3 years. He performes a cute
routine to "Limbo" by Harry Belefonte.

--Snippy: Snippy is a 2 year old female border collie.
She has been performing with our team about 1 year.
In Snips routine she jumps off her handlers back and
does flips in the air while catching frisbees.

Extra Dogs:
--Frodo: Frodo is a 4 year old male border collie. He
participates in flyball,agility,discdog,kicksledding,
and is currently being trained for search and rescue.

--Muna: Muna is a 3 year old female border collie. She
plays agility,discdog and kicksledding.

--Frecles is a 2 year old female border collie. She was
rescued from an abusive home. She plays discdog and she
does cute tricks.

--Some of our dogs have been seen on "Top Dogs" tv show.
They have been seen in the Winnipeg Free Press and the
Winnipeg Sun.

--Our dogs have performed a freestyle routine at
Winnipeg Blue Bomber half time.

--All of our dogs are fed Premium dog food and get the
best vet care. All of our dogs are part of their handlers
family and have free rein of the house and yard.

For More Info and Bookings Call Eddie @ CMA Entertainment in Winnipeg 204-982-7664





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