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Wayne Morris

Hypnosis is a state of mind in which you immediately feel, smell, taste, hear and even see what you think about. It allows us to learn and memorize things that wouldnít normally be possible if we were awake. It also affects how we fantasize and imagine. In fact itís so powerful that we can injure ourselves and then use hypnosis to block out the pain. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. If we hear something and agree with it on a subconscious level, it can cause us to act in a physical manner. Itís like when a comedian makes us laugh or a storyteller makes us cryÖ we are moved by their words; thatís hypnosis

So why can some people be hypnotized on stage while others can not? Itís all about semantics and how we interpret words, phrases, signs and symbols. About thirty years ago an experiment was done to see if different semantic styles could affect peopleís ability to be hypnotized. During the experiment three hypnotists worked with 12 volunteers. All of the volunteers had been hypnotized in the past. The findings showed that some volunteers responded to a passive technique, some to dominant and some to a combination of both styles. This proved the failure to be hypnotized was not based on hypnosis, but on semantics. On subsequent experiments, success rates improved as each hypnotist studied the semantics of others.

When we talk about the power of the mindÖ do we mean the brain? I truly believe they are two different things. The power of the mind is what can be created by thought, dreams, goals, plans and then followed by action; nothing is impossible. Air, poisonous gas, hate and love are all invisible, yet we believe in them and they can change the world. We have doubt about the power of thought because we canít see it, but itís everywhere. Look at TVís, DVDís, iPhoneís and computers. They were all once just thoughts, the dreams of mad men! The most powerful thing in the universe is a thought!




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