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War Party

Inspired by the revolutionary forces of rap and driven by the untold injustice inflicted on the American Indian, the music and message of Hobbemas War Party tells a remarkable and heroic story of hip-hop, courage, honesty and determination.


Easily one of the most important rap groups of their time, War Party focuses on the trials and tribulations of coming from a socially, politically, and economically deprived environment such as the First Nations reserves of North America.


War Party has received international attention through a sponsorship by the world renowned clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger at the 2002 Telus World Ski & Snow Boarding Music Festival. The group also received coverage from MSNBC News for their performance in Washington DC at the First Americans Festival hosted by the world famous Smithsonian Museum.


500 years in the making founded by Executive Producer / Manager Rex Smallboy, War Party has been making noise in the Canadian rap music industry since 1995. The group also consists of Rex?s / Co-Producer / Artist Cynthia Smallboy



Staying true to the keep it real code of hip-hop War Party sends a uniquely positive vibe of hope, change and empowerment. Making music to make a difference War Party is exceptionally constructive with the art form educating youth on issues such as substance abuse, suicide and positive activism.


With a strong reputation for ground breaking accomplishments, War Party has gained national recognition for their music from Much Music Canada (RAP CITY), The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the Aboriginal People?s Television Network (APTN).    for Full Audio and Video



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