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Merry Christmas Everyone ! The DerRic Starlight Christmas Show Comedy Tour is Now On !

The DerRic Starlight Christmas Show Tour 2011 ! Dec 5-23-2011 Starring ! DerRic Starlight "oh my God I Love all Dearly " Granny and Winddancer "book now and don't be lazy" / "ever sick" Chief The Warrior and Marty "hes a good guy I don't care what they say ! / book now or my cousins will come over there !  Kermit and Miss Piggy "you owe us from last year ! " / " oh my dearset and most lovely and precious   DerRICCC .......Pay Up Buster !   Plus Disney and Hanna Barbara Characters and DerRics Own Unique Brand of All Ages Down  Home, Style Rez Humour !  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Open dates are ! Dec 13,18,19,20,22,21,22,23 For More Info and Bookings Call Eddie 204-982-7664 or Click Here to Send a Booking Request -------> Merry Christmas !




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